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Harald Maas is a Dutch professional Mixed-Media artist, based in The Hague (The Netherlands). With a lot of artists in his family (Grandfather, uncle, cousin, and little brother), there was always the stimulation of creativity. Also, from his childhood Harald actively participated in coloring competitions and won lots of prizes. However, after studying industrial design engineering at the Technical University in Delft and the Design academy in The Hague, Harald went working as a Business Consultant and Harald was creating a few artworks every year.

In 2019 Harald was diagnosed with an aggressive metastatic cancer which he survived after a heavy treatment. In the hospital waiting for the chemo to kick in Harald was working on some small artworks and he decided to use his knowledge as an educated designer to dedicate his life more to art. Using all visions and experiences he got working as a business consultant.


Harald Maas is known because of his unique style of combining techniques, colors and materials. This rare combination gives every artwork his own joy.

Harald gave his style the name: Neo-Pop-Surrealism.